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Initial Intake Session:

$75 for individuals and families

$104 for couples (includes $29 assessment fee)


Session Rate thereafter:

$50/50 minute sessions


New Clients can download the initial paperwork for the first session


Insurance is not currently accepted at New Life Psychotherapy.  It is important to me as your therapist that your needs, not those of insurance companies, guide treatment.


Most insurance companies require any mental health treatment paid for by their policy meets their criteria for "medical necessity", which requires the "patient" receiving the treatment to be given a formal mental health diagnosis.  This diagnosis must then be submitted to the insurer as part of the claim for each session.  When a couple or family is seeking relationship help, it may be that no one is experiencing a diagnosable mental health disorder and therefore relational therapies may not be a covered benefit because of this, even though there may be mental health benefits on their policy.   It's important to note if treatment is covered by an insurance company, they may request additional details of the treatment provided to support health insurance claims.


I am learning that an increasing number of clients are choosing to self-pay and not to use their health insurance for couple’s therapy, or even individual therapy, as they wish to avoid having a mental health diagnosis assigned to them and that diagnosis becoming part of their permanent health record. 


With the dramatic changes to the health care industry, people now have high deductible plans, which may mean that claims get filed but there are no benefits paid during an entire treatment episode.  However, my services can be used under your Health Savings Accounts (HSA) if you have one, and I can supply monthly statements to help support those charges.

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