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Mission + Vision

At Sikhona Holistic Therapy and Wellness, we believe in creating a healing space for our clients and staff where everyone feels empowered to create a life they’re proud to call their own.


Our mission is to help members of our communities reconnect with the things that are truly important and to stop merely coping and start truly living, both in their own lives and in their relationships.  Our vision is to offer an alternative to the contemporary views of a healthcare system that encourages psychotherapists to ask how they can treat, or cure, or change people.  At Sikhona, we ask how we can provide a healing relationship to our clients which they can use for their own personal growth.  We are creating a fun, dynamic, and encouraging team of psychotherapists who value working collaboratively in their effort to improve the health and wellness of individuals and couples in the Lincoln community.  


Core Values

Sikhona lives by 7 core values that guide who we are as a team and how we engage with each other and within our communities. We hire clinicians and staff who bring these values to life.


1) Serve others through radical relationship: Fostering strong, meaningful relationships is a basic need for all of us. We believe the greatest wounds we carry are created within the context of a relationship; and therefore the greatest healing we experience also happens within the context of a relationship.  We value the therapeutic relationship for its power to serve our clients in feeling seen, understood, and valued - perhaps for the first time in their life.  We model to others what it means to create and foster nurturing relationships with ourselves, our team, and our communities so we can support our clients in doing the same.


2) See work as a responsibility, not a job: While we know we are not responsible for our clients, we do know we are responsible to our clients.  Our clinicians understand the magnitude of their work and do not take for granted the honor it is to be trusted with clients’ stories, and this is reflected in their commitment to personal and professional growth and ethical practice.


3) Have a strong will to develop: Our clinicians are committed to and hungry for their development as therapists, and possess an inner drive and relentless desire to improve their clinical skills. 


4) Humility: This hunger for being the best therapist they can be must also include great “Window and Mirror Maturity:” When things are going great, we look out the window to see how the client or our teammates made it so and shine a light on how others contributed to success. When things go awry, we point to the mirror and ask, “Were there ways in which I contributed to this issue? What will I do better next time?”


5) Live what we sell:  Our clients can sense when we’re encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and actively participate in their own personal growth without doing it ourselves.  This makes for incredibly ineffective therapy.   Therapists at Sikhona must live out the personal vulnerability, courage, and relational intimacy they claim to be experts in.


6) Self-identify as Wounded Healers: Clinicians who recognize their needs for healing and growth and are humble enough to honor the ways in which their own life’s woundings impact their way of being will feel at home here at Sikhona.  Regular team consults and supervision focus on therapeutically intentional and appropriate ways we can use our own losses and trials in the service of others.


7) Invest in quality: We’re committed to providing the best atmosphere for our clients and our team. Our commitment is seen in our beautiful workspace for our employees and a comforting space for our clients, and in offering the extra touches like coffee + tea stations, peaceful music, a collaborative environment for our team, and wrap around services for our clients. We promote continued education for our clinicians through quarterly trainings in evidence-based practices so clients can feel safe knowing their therapist is always growing in their skill.

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