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When you work with me, you can expect a therapist who:


Believes people are inherently good, valuable, and lovable. 

You'll finish treatment believing this is true about you.

Has specialized training and extensive experience in working with


Couples have been over 60% of my caseload for the last four years of my

practice, and I use evidenced-based treatment when working with your

most important relationship.

Is trauma-informed. I'm certified in EMDR and incorporate my understanding of how neglect, abuse, loss, and violations of safety and trust can inform your current distress.

Incorporates the mind-body connection into your care.  The idea that the mind and body are inextricably intertwined is widely accepted in our field, but many therapists remain so focused on understanding the thoughts and feelings in clients’ minds that they forget about the pivotal information to be gleaned by paying more attention to clients’ bodies.  My approach includes listening to what emotional and psychological pains are held within your body and utilizing mindfulness, meditative, and yoga practices to facilitate profound healing. 

Doesn't take herself too seriously.  I mean, I take serious stuff seriously, but otherwise life's too short to not laugh as much as possible!

Considers the whole picture when supporting you.  I consider how your past and current environments and the family you grew up in impact you today; as well as how to address the biological, psychological, community, and spiritual contributors to your distress.  


Is collaborative. I offer my training and clinical experience; you offer the expertise in how your life works and what you need. I use transparency in what I'm seeing and thinking every step of the way.


Considers it an honor that you're trusting her with your story.  That is something I don't take lightly or for granted.  My goal is to make therapy a sacred, safe space where you can really heal.

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